SeaLead Unveils New MEDSA Service, Connecting Mediterranean and Brazil Ports

November 30, 2023

Singapore – SeaLead, a fast-growing global shipping line, has announced the launch of its new Mediterranean – Brazil shipping route, the MEDSA Service. This new direct liner shipping service will enhance trade connectivity and expedite cargo transportation between ports in the Mediterranean and Brazil. 

Henry Schmidl, Global Managing Director at SeaLead, commented on the launch, “The MEDSA Service is a strategic addition to our global route portfolio. It reflects our ongoing commitment to providing flexible and efficient shipping solutions that meet the evolving needs of the global trade community. This service will play a crucial role in fostering economic growth and strengthening trade ties between the Mediterranean and Brazil.” 

The MEDSA Service includes pivotal ports such as Itapoa (BRIOA), Paranagua (BRPNG), Santos (BRSSZ), and Casablanca (MACAS). This carefully selected array of ports ensures comprehensive coverage of critical trade hubs, facilitating seamless trade between these regions.

Suleyman Avci, Managing Director, Europe & Mediterranean at SeaLead, added, “With the introduction of the MEDSA Service, we are not only expanding our network but also enhancing our capacity to serve the dynamic markets of the Mediterranean and Brazil. This service is designed to meet the high standards of reliability and efficiency that our customers expect from SeaLead.”

Transit times have been meticulously planned to provide swift and efficient transportation of goods. For Santos, the transit time ranges from 15 to 25 days, offering a timely solution for businesses. From Paranagua, the service takes approximately 17 to 27 days, while the journey from Itapoa is expected to take between 19 and 29 days. These transit times are indicative of SeaLead’s commitment to prompt and dependable service.

With the launch of the MEDSA Service, SeaLead reaffirms its dedication to advancing global trade through innovative and reliable shipping solutions

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